My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

Chicken treats


No, I’m not letting my chooks eat Quality Street chocolates. This is the treat tin that I keep their Scratch & Lay in.

I feed my chooks the same as many people, food like Peck N Lay from the local farm / feed stores to encourage them to lay but I didn’t want my chooks to go through life eating pellets and not ever experiencing the real thing. So I went on a mission to find them some treat food.

A few weeks ago I visited my aunty in Tauranga and I called in to the local pet store at Greerton on the off chance that they may have some delicious chook treats. Being new to chooks, I don’t know where to buy these types of things or even what I was hoping to buy so I was feeling a bit naive wandering around the pet store. Just as I was about to leave thinking how silly I was to think I could buy chicken food in a pet store, I spied bags of chicken food tucked away on the bottom shelf. After reading the ingredients and talking to the lady in the store, I came out with what I hoped was the perfect treat food for my girls.

So the next day I found a brightly coloured container that they may recognise as their treat tin. (You never know when you might need to use it as a bribe.) I carried it out and gave it a wee shake as I called chook, chook, chook. I threw a few grains in front of them and that was all it took to get them to come right on over to take a look in the tin. Hilda Hen was very quick to put her head in and start sorting through all of the grains for her favourites, with Helen Hen putting her head in shortly after. Now whenever they see the treat tin, they run very quickly and stand as close as they can to me expectantly waiting while I sit down, take the lid off the tin and hold it out to them.

I have already used this treat tin as a bribe. I was going out one evening about an hour before their bedtime and I wanted to shut them in for the night before I left. So I got out the treat tin, called them and held it in their run.They did think it a bit strange and hesitated for a minute but they couldn’t resist and trotted into the run to put their head into the treat tin. Aha. Early night for you two tonight.

Actually hasn’t Hilda Hen (closest to the camera) got a scruffy tail. I wonder what that means. I think by now (5 months) I would know if she was a he. Actually she has got quite a masculine face compared to Helen.


13 thoughts on “Chicken treats

  1. Hmmm, maybe she is Harold Hen? What are the chances of that?

  2. Her comb still seems small – but I’d keep an eye on her just in case. I love the treat tin – it makes a funny picture too. Ours love oatmeal and they definitely know what the oatmeal canister looks like!

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  6. Great idea…the chook treats in the treat tin. 🙂

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