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Slowly unravelling the mystery – Where did Hannah Hen come from?


The mystery of where did Hannah Hen come from is further answered today. At a neighbourhood party a few weekends ago, I found out where she had been living before she turned up at our place.

It turns out that Hannah Hen is famous. She had been carefully selected (that’s not how it was described to me but she is so beautiful that I am guessing she was carefully selected) to be part of a brood of three chooks to appear on a sustainability TV experiment where a now famous TV personality lived on an acre of land for a year.

Once the television programme / experiment had finished, the three chooks were meant to go to a friend of the TV personality.  But this friend didn’t have a coop so my very kind neighbour farmer friend (who at that time lived beside this sustainable TV experiment) offered to make her a coop and look after the three chooks until they and the coop could be safely delivered to her house.

But time went on and my neighbour farmer friend bought himself some chooks that roamed with the famous three. When he had finished making the coop for the friend he went to put the famous three in his truck but he couldn’t remember which were the famous ones. When he got the famous three and the coop to the friend’s house, she glared at one of the chooks and said “that is an impostor”. Oh well, too bad, she got three chooks and a coop.

After a while my neighbour farmer friend decided his chooks (including the famous one) could live off the land opposite where we live. (His house is just down the road and he is there every day.) She had been living there a couple of years (with different chooks as they came and went after being taken by the resident hawk) before she decided the grass was greener on the other side of the fence (road) and “moved in with me”.

So slowly we are unravelling the mystery of Hannah Hen (aka Britanny). (I am not naming the TV personality as his friend might find this story one day and want her chook back!)

But of course, no one has Hannah Hen at the moment. I think she is sitting on a pile of eggs somewhere at someone’s place. So we unravel one mystery and she immediately presents us with another.


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