My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

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Beat the rats – out with the compost bin and in with the worm farm.


Since I saw mice and then rats in my Earthmaker compost bin a year or so ago, I have been unable to go near it to put anything into it or take anything out of it.  That of course is a bit of a problem, so to beat the rats, it is out with the compost bin and in with a tidy, clean and rodent free worm farm. (I guess you can say that the rats have actually beaten me.)

I checked out the worm farms that are available and ended up with the Australian made  Can O Worms. Haitch put it together for me (the plastic trays and the legs) but he didn’t want anything to do with the worms for some reason. I think he has a secret snake phobia and I’m not sure if he can actually cope with the worms.

I must admit, I was a little freaked out at opening the first box of worms. I don’t know what I expected but I definitely didn’t want to open a box and be confronted with a whole bunch of worms wriggling around. Also, the box had an expiry date of the same day that I had bought them and I was a little scared  of opening it and finding a whole box full of dead worms.  But I bravely slit open the tape and peered into the box. Thank goodness, inside the box was a nice bag of compost with the worms all tucked neatly within.

So I tipped the 2 boxes of worms and compost into my carefully prepared worm farm and carefully smoothed them out. I covered them with damp newspaper  and put their tight fitting rodent and fly free lid on. (See the ventilation holes at the top of the lid. Too small to let anything in. This is one of the main reasons I chose this brand.)

And here is the tidy, clean and rodent free worm farm all set up and ready to start producing. The plastic trays under the legs are to keep out the ants. (I will be buying some less intrusive / less ugly trays when I can find some.)


5 thoughts on “Beat the rats – out with the compost bin and in with the worm farm.

  1. Very cool! I must come and see the worm farm soon.

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  3. Love your blog. How are your worms doing? How much are they eating a day?
    By the way I love you anti-ant plastic barriers. I thought I had a patent on ideas like that.

  4. 🙂 My worms are doing really well. They seem to have reproduced heaps as there are lots of wriggling worms in bunches when I lift the damp paper to feed them. Because I feed my chickens the tasty food scraps, the worms only get what the chickens don’t eat and because my chickens are free range and they get a lot of greens, they don’t particularly like being fed greens scraps, so the worms get most of those.
    I would say I would feed them a large plastic container (about the size of a large Chinese takeaway) every 3 days or so. But between my chickens and the worms, I don’t throw away any kitchen scraps except avocados, potato peelings, onions, etc that I have read that neither chickens or worms should eat. But then again, there are only 2 adults in our house so we don’t have a huge amount of scraps. They love sliced banana peel.
    They haven’t managed to fill a barrel yet so I haven’t harvested any compost. But I don’t mind. I love having the worms to eat the scraps.

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