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Mystery surrounding Hannah Hen (aka Brittany) solved



Last weekend we were at a neighbourhood wild food challenge party, which we have each year. And while we were there my neighbour farmer friend had a bit of a laugh at our “posh” chicken coop that had suddenly appeared on our front lawn. So I told him the story of Hannah Hen arriving at our house looking to be adopted. Our neighbour farmer friend asked what she looked like and I told him that she was small and brown and had a coloured ring around her neck making her look like she had been crossed with a pheasant.

Oh dear. He asked if she had a name and I told him it was Hannah Hen. He turned to his cute little farmer daughter and said “Brittany has a new name”. Well her little face said it all. Fear struck. Am I going to have to relinquish Hannah Hen (aka Brittany) to her rightful owner, this cute little farmer girl?

Thankfully no but before you think me very cruel towards the cute little farmer girl, let me explain something. The neighbour farmer friend and his family live half a kilometre down the road from us and the land that they farm across the road. Hannah Hen (aka Brittany) has been “living off the land” on this farm for a couple of years under the their watchful eye. The neighbour farmer friend and his family noticed her missing a few months ago and wondered where she went. They wondered if she had been taken by the hawk that is ever patrolling up and down the perimeter of this farmland. That same hawk had been responsible for the deaths of the other chooks that had been living there as her companions.

But a hawk hadn’t taken her. For some reason she decided to come and live across the road in my garden. She had been there for a few months before I started to realise she wasn’t going anywhere and decided I had better look after her. So me and the neighbour farmer friend and the cute little farmer girl decided that she was a free spirit and that she could live where she wants. (More of this story to follow.)

6 thoughts on “Mystery surrounding Hannah Hen (aka Brittany) solved

  1. Very glad you didn’t have to give up Hannah Hen!

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  3. She is really beautiful! I love the photo. The rusty orange color in the bark…in Hannah Hen and in the dried grass or pine needles. Really a wonderful picture. A great real life story!

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