My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

My tiny brood of backyard chickens


Well, I don’t actually have a brood yet. I have one chook. But then again, I am not even sure if I actually have her. She turned up at our place a few weeks ago and made herself at home in our garden. Well, I think she has made her home here. She appears every day from the same area of the garden and when she has finished foraging on the lawn, she wanders back down to the same place and loses herself in the shrubs and grass cover.

Maybe she is just visiting from a neighbouring property. Maybe she just comes up here to get away from the other chooks. Maybe she is the lowest in the pecking order and she comes here for some respite. But then again, the nearest neighbour is at the bottom of a steep hill and she would have to transverse among the compact native regrowth to get up here. I think she is a bit short and heavy to be doing that every day.

I prefer to think that she has chosen to live here.

It is winter in New Zealand at the moment and I feel sorry for her being out in the cold and the rain.  So we have decided to buy her a coop to keep her warm and safe at night and of course she will remain a free range forager by day.

So how does one chook make a brood? Well it doesn’t. And when we bought the coop, of course we got one that can hold four to six chooks. So I am currently looking online trying to decide which breed of chook will make up the rest of my tiny brood.

3 thoughts on “My tiny brood of backyard chickens

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